Retro Computer Web Servers

Some of our readers are IT professionals and many of them are sysadmins and certainly know how to install and run web servers.

But running web server on retro computer like Commodore or Sinclair is not even a news. Yes they exists for several years and some of them are even written in BASIC.

Commodore 64 Web Server is hosted on an unmodified Commodore 64. But to serve web page it use RR-Net Ethernet Cartridge with Ethernet port. The C64 is running Contiki Web Server software and has an external SD2IEC for storage as it is much faster than Commodore 1541 disk drive.

Commodore 16 Web Server is hosted on an unmodified Commodore 16 with just 16K of ram. Commodore 16 is connected to Commodore Flyer Internet Modem that provide Ethernet port. And here come most interesting part. The server code is written on Commodore 16 BASIC.

There are similar project for Commodore PET and VIC 20 with just 3.5KB of ram.

Sinclair ZX81 Web Server expanded with 16KB Ram and with Zeddynet Ethernet card to provide network connection will be online soon.