IBM PC (Model 5150) with 64Kb RAM and Monochrome Display Simulated in JavaScript Machine

There is a project PC

js Machines that emulates several retro computers in JavaScript.So you can run CPM 86 or DOS 2.0 and even Windows 96 on Compaq 386 Computer

List of emulated:

  • PCx86, an x86-based emulator of the IBM PC and PC-compatibles
  • PC8080, an 8080 machine emulator (ie Space Invaders or VT100 Terminal)
  • C1Pjs, an emulation of the 6502-based Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P
  • PDPjs, machine emulation modules supporting the DEC PDP-10 and PDP-11
  • PCjs Devices, for simple machines like the TI-57 Calculator, the Game of Life, and Lite-Brite

Author also  prepared many OS images,  software images and demos ready to be run and there are a lot of disk images ready to be run and download for real use on you real retro computers that you have at home.


Some interesting Demos are linked bellow including some early MS Windows versions, hope author will made more predefined systems as there should be there. Such examples are OS/2 and also Unix System V,  Xenix and Minix. But these disk images do exist.


source: IBM PC (Model 5150), 64Kb RAM, Monochrome Display
source:Challenger 1P 6502-based microcomputer by Ohio Scientific
source:IBM PC XT, 256Kb RAM, 10Mb HDD, CGA, MS Windows 1.01
source: IBM PC AT (8Mhz), 1Mb RAM, 20Mb HDD, 128Kb EGA, MS Win 3.00
source:COMPAQ DeskPro 386, 4Mb RAM, IBM VGA, MS Windows 95