Commodore 64 as VIC20 Atari Amiga ZX with Turbo Chameleon V2

Turbo Chameleon V2 is known as Commodore 64 cartridge or standalone emulator of Commodore 64, but as it is FPGA based computer with lots of memory and FPGA power, Turbo Chameleon V2 is not just C64 expansion but it can be also an OCS/ECS Amiga with lots of memory and hard disk and there is also VIC20 core.Additional cores are available Spectrum core is available so Sinclair Spectrum software is available to you and more with Atari 800XL you can also run all software on the Chameleon.

TCV2 powers from C64 when connected to a C64 or in stand-alone mode, it’s powered from a USB port over USB power supply. Most important features of TCV2 are:

  • VGA-output with 60 Hz refresh rate or more. If your VGA screen supports it, you can go down to 50Hz and have flicker-free smooth animations.
  • Turbo 6510 processor (with all illegal opcodes!).  The “Synthmark” benchmark shows that the TC64 is even faster than the former champion, the SuperCPU (TC64 scores factor 9.78, the SCPU scores 5.48).
  • 16MByte REU (memory expansion) for GEOS and demos like BlueREU
  • 4MByte GeoRAM memory expansion (works with REU)
  • two full 1541-emulated drives it supports speed-loaders.
  • PS2 keyboard and PS2 mice(Commodore 1351)
  • freezer support: Whatever your favorite freezer is, Chameleon emulates it: Action Replay, Retro Repaly, KCS Power cartridge, Final Cartridge 3, Expert Cartridge, SuperSnapshot 5, etc..
  • cartridge emulations available: 8 or 16 KByte (EP)ROM cartridges, Simons’ Basic, Ocean type 1, FunPlay, Super Games, Epyx Fastload, Westermann Learning, C64 Game System (system 3), Warpspeed, Dinamic, Zaxxon, Magic Desk, Comal-80, Ross, Mikro Assembler, StarDos, EasyFlash, Prophet-64, Mach-5, PageFox, Business Basic (S’More), etc…
  • Battery-backed up realtime clock (CR1220 battery is not included)
  • Infrared receiver for CDTV remote control
  • internal connector for RR-Net2 or RR-Net MK3 networking cards
  • USB connection to a PC for updates, debugging and data transfer.

Of course as FPGA device compatibility is not 100% for instance it does not work with C128 and there is list of known bugs.

It can be compared with Ultimate 64, except that Ultimate 64 does not yet have acceleration and does not accept or support other cores and it is cheaper 199,92 .

source:Turbo Chameleon V2