New Stickers For Commodore C64 and C64c

We have new case  for commodore 64c, then we got replacement keyboards, there is a choice of several new replacement motherboards like ultimate 64 and Commodore 64 reloaded MK2.

There are also motherboards for PC like C64 micro atx board and even one that can fit in zx spectrum case C64XS. We received a comment that VIC 20 reloaded also needs to be mentioned.

But something was missing for that cases. Stickers of course 🙂

Stickers can be ordered from Ivan Milenković contact him on his email sales AT , prices are reasonable around 3 EUR or less without post expenses.

Let us know what sticker would you like.

Update 04th May 2020:
Please note mail is changed and there is link to Ivan’s 3d stickers shop 🙂

link:Commodore 3D Stickers Shop


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