The Commodore 128 Remastered that fits in Commodore 64 case

After several new motherboard for Commodore 64, 64 Reloaded MK2,Ultimate 64 we have another great project to replace your Commodore 64 board  but this time with new Commodore 128 board and hence name of the project The 128 Remastered.

As you can see in the picture right part of The128RM seems to be for old c64 case not for the slim one, but this is still in very early prototype stage.

As for the other details it is know that there will be Video output VIC/VDC switch, control port output switch, 8 bit colour ram and most important it will have Dual slot for SID 🙂

Power supply will work from 6 up to 36 (DC) Volts 6-36.


Follow the progress on Forum64
or check the source:The 128 Remastered

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