Linus Torvalds and Sinclair QL

In this video you will see 4 (four) videos Linus Torvalds interviewed by Jeremy Allison about his Sinclair QL(68008 CPU @7.5Mhz, 128KB RAM). Linus Torvalds spoke about the Sinclair QL that he owned while growing up. Because it was so hard to get software for it in Finland, Linus wrote his own assembler and editor (in addition to Pac-Man graphics libraries). They continue to reminisce about more archaic hardware like floppy drives, microdrives, 512 K RAM expansion packs and the Acorn Archimedes.

In next two videos you will see blitter software¬† “GMOVE” as an extension to the SuperBASIC language of the QL Linus wrote in 1986a. It was published as a printed listing in the Finnish computer magazine BITTI in November 1986. This vid shows how GMOVE performs on an unmodified standard QL system.

In last video you will see Linus speaking of Linux.

source:Linus Torvalds and the QL
source:The Sinclair QL Distribution