Enhanced VICII Chip Replacement aka VICII-KAWARI

Randi Rossi started to create VICII replacement in FPGA named VICII-KAWARI (Kawari is Japanes word for replacement)
His work is based on Rob Finch’s  never finished FAL6567, another VICII replacement, with some advanced function like 16 sprites.
Randi reused Robs pcb and essentially continuing the work started by Rob Finch, sadly no 16 sprites, but while doing it he added some nice features:

  • Better video output
  • VGA Output
  • Optional HDMI output
  • Luma/Chroma or Composite video over Encoder IC
  • software selectable 16 color palete from 4096 colors
  • PAL/NTSC VICII  chip selectable from software
  • additional 32KB RAM (may be bumped to 64KB Video RAM)
  • 80 column mode (C64 Basic Works)
  • No VSP bug
  • Lower power consumption
  • does not need external clock
  • 99% VICII Compatibility (Most popular demos do work)
  • new registers from $d02f to $d03f (need to be activated)
  • No bad lines at hires mode (extra cycles for CPU)
  • new graphic modes
    640×200 with 16 color bitmap 8×8 color cells (2KB Color+16KB bitmap)
    320×200 with 16 color, 2 bitplanes (32K)
    640×200 with  4 color, 2 bitplanes (32K)

    Enjoy four part video of developing VICII-KAWARI

links: FAL6567