Running Quake on Amiga 3000UX With Killer NIC

Dennis Boon in his video runs Quake on his Amiga 3000UX with a Mediator PCI bridge board and a Voodoo 3 card. Now this would not be nothing special about, but he is running Quake on his NIC Card !, Yes Killer NIC.
The Killer NIC models contain a Freescale PowerQUICC, 64MB ram, Gigabit Ethernet port and an USB 2.0 port. Two variants are available one with processor running at 400 MHz and 333 MHz (CPU K1 lacks a heat sink).
So this card is actually a PowerPC CPU and with latest Sonnet drivers it is possible to run WarpOS PPC software on your Amiga 3000/4000.

links: Killer NIC