The Story of the Team that created 6502 CPU

There is a new site dedicated to people and story that created 6501 and 6502 CPU in 1975 by MOS Technology of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. 6501 was  dropped as it was pin compatible with Motorola 6800.

But 6502 CPU (or it’s core)  is still used today in millions of Set-Top-Box(STB also known as Set-Top Unit (STU), cable box (CB) or stream box(SB) and similar devices connected to TV), airplane black box, medical devices and of course retro computers like Kim1, Apple, Atari, BBC, Commodore, Oric, Vtech and millions of consoles like Nintendo (NES, SNES), Vtech, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) , further 6502 even influenced and how ARM CPU will be, yes the same one in your phones and tablets. It was even modeled and simulated on 6502.


Site was created by Jennifer Holdt-Winograd, daughter of Terry Holdt. Terry Hold was the Product/Program Manager of Microcomputers for MOS Technology from 1974-1976 and it is dedicated to Terry Holdt and 6502 Team.

Up to now there are some pictures and documentation published  by Jennifer on the home page and what we expect to be very interesting is  documents on The Holdt Arcives.

But first lets check Jennifer Winograd video intro to her website, one may note that 6502 image on picture and 6502 team is flipped horizontally, but seems that was and  fault is way back in 1975 as Electronic Engineering Times magazine also flipped image.

After the video make sure you visit