New Hardware 2017/2018 Comment

2017 was good for retro hardware and software and we see than this 2018 will also be good.

But this post is regarding new hardware that will never become retro, heating planet and buying junk hardware and a little more.

In December 2017 , thanks to crypto mining prices of graphics cards and cpus are more expensive than “new” retro computer.

Now I would understand people using cryptomining rigs in winter to warm up their living place and I even understand ps4(pro) owners desire to warm their feet on cold winter nights without even playing games.

But spending $10000+ on mining to kill already overheated planet is nuts!!

Same goes for many people out there that change pc/laptops ever 2-3 years or upgrade our graphic cards every 2 years just to play latest games. I must also mention phones that are not supported and usable after 1 or 2 years. Should I also mention that you wait and stay in lines to buy them and then buy several adapters like earphone adapter, usb adapter, hdmi adapter just to use them ?

As hardcore retro-hardware user, I like proper built and repairable hardware, not some junk that we will throw away as soon as new version come out.  And every new day manufacturers are making cheaper build quality and more expensive product, yes it have more pixels, more cores and yes there will be no update after one or two years. And battery will also die.

We still use our old retro computers today, we fix them if they broke, they are better documented and games on them are better, smarter that on average pc or console.

Do not kill planet. Buy desktop or laptop with top components where you can extend warranty to 5 years. And after 5 years this desktop or laptop will still be usable for playing games like mame and even usable for arcade cabinet.

To some people told me that: “Retro hardware have poor graphic!”

Yes they are the same people, that every year buy and play same games, (with minor/mayor software revision) on their better new hardware and   never finish any game. That is about the same as to watch a color movie with same story and title every few years with different actors and directors. Yes I know people actually do that.

For ones that see poor graphic I see only severe lack of Imagination and my advice to you is read a book, see some white and black movie on your 4K TV.

Second thing get a a life, get kids 🙂

And when you will have children, you will see that it is easier to start with a  retro-hardware and joystick. And that any modern pc/console with a controller is to big for small hands and have more buttons than there is fingers on both hands.

And if you will let them, you will find that children  prefer to play and run outside but this will not happen if you overheat and kill planet.