Vinyl Storage programs

For a couple months we are doing investigation what alternative media was used to store data. From today’s point Vinyl records itself is so retro. Most of retro0hardware out there used magnetic media tape and floppies, but there were occasions when Vinyl Record is used to store some data.

Note list bellow is not complete, so if you have some data to share, please share in comment. We have also included two videos so you can download some games to your Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Enjoy the gallery:


Here is a incomplete list:

  • Elektor Software Service – Software for 2650 TV Games Computer
  • Free Programs For ZX81 Spectrum BBC VIC 20 PET
  • First ZX-81 Flexisoft Disc
  • ZX-81 VIC-20 Spectrum Games Flexisoft Disc
  • Thompson Twins Adventure Game For The Spectrum
  • Discolist – Eggscape—La Fuga Dell’Uovo
  • Discolist – Epidemic
  • Free Flexidisc Of Games
  • David El Gnomo
  • Baby Album
  • Papa Dance – Poniżej Krytyki
  • Spectrum EP Plastic

  • BasiCode – Programme Für Heimcomputer – Bascoder Zum BASICODE Buch
  • Pete Shelley- XL·1

  • Chris Sievey – Camouflage plus 3 zx 81 games
  • Free Programs
  • “Stellar Run”  (track A1) intended for the Commodore VIC-20
  • “Energy Fields” (track A2) intended for the ZX Spectrum
  • “Galaxians” (track A3) intended for the BBC Micro, Model B (32k RAM)
  • “Fall Guy” program (track A4) intended for the Dragon 32