Ken Thompson inventor of UNIX and predecessor of C langue talk at Vintage Computer Festival East

Ken Thompson, Menlo Park, California, 2016.

Ken Thompson in 1960s and 1970s together with Dennis Ritchie invented the UNIX operating system at Bell Labs had talk at Vintage Computer Festival East. He was interviewed by his colleague from Bell Labs Brian Kernighan and brought memories about UNIX creation and B and C langue. Thompson actually wrote the programming language B, predecessor of C language by Dennis Ritchie. C langue is still in use as most operating systems today are written in C. Ken also worked on the operating system Plan Go language, he is the one who is credited for “Unix pipes” and “grep” command. Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson amongs many awards also won the Turing Award and 2019 is the 50th anniversary of their work.

Enjoy in video:

source:Vintage Computer Festival East