Clone-a-Dore: C64 Micro ATX Replacement Motherboard

atxc64Imagine new C64 in ATX case on brand new atx pcb with USB keyboard interface
Dual SID chip support
Internal IEC header to support 1541 drive emulators (also add header for parallel port lines for super-speed)
Add the cassette port back in (omitted in prototype)
A bunch of power headers (the board can supply 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V rails)
USB headers for front and rear USB ports on the case for 5V power
RAM expansion on the motherboard
Amiga clock port
On-board ethernet adapter (RRNet or equivalent)
Dip switches for address remapping
A super header that would bring out more signals that aren’t on
User/Expansion ports for different projects

there is even available Schematic Rev 0.6 for download

Follow up to this interesting project

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