New ZX Spectrum 128 Replica from Retroradionics

We have Exclusive news and images from our friends from Retroradionics.
They created two ZX Spectrum 128 Replicas.

First ZX Spectrum OMNI 128HQ is Computer set base on New Harlequin board from Super Fo with: 128K ram, integrated divMMC double SD card interface,two joystick 9 pin ports, RGB out,Composite out, power button, reset switch button,HDMI option* (as HDMI header on board, RGB/AV to HDMI adapter that will cost 20 USD more), battery option* (Battery Ready electronics on board), Sound chip onboard * (Sound Chip is AY-3-8912 or Atmega programed replacement) all for 89,99$ if you preorder in next couple days.

Second one ZX Spectrum 128 OMNI NOTE in addition to above it will get 9″ LCD monitor and “CLICKER” Joystick so finally you will have your ZX Spectrum laptop for 119,99$. To have portable ZX Laptop you need to order two batteries that will give 3000 to 6000 mA to your portable ZX Laptop.

Fundraising will complete in two days so go preorder one now

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