Retro Cryptocurrency 8Bit Coin

We hardly think, that there is retro cryptocurrency, it would be fun to mine it with some 64KB, or less, retro machine.

But what if we name it 8bit ? Yes it will be  retro.

Meet 8Bit Coin (Ƀ) it did not come up in last few days , but it is a three years old. Some even think it is a dead project, but it is not.

I an not a fan of planet heating with crypto mining, I do think blockchain is good idea and I support it. Until people do not realize  that they are tech   slaves (or some other) and abandon coin concept at all.  Hope that this future will be more Star Trek like, than Planet of the Apes.

But just because of “8 bit coin” name 8 I will consider spending 1 cpu thread in winter time.

8 bit coin links:
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