Retro Party 2018 Serbia Stara Pazova

At 19th May International Retro Party 2018 was held in Stara Pazova, Serbia with Retro Computer Exhibition, “New” Retro Hardware, great SIDs, Games, Soft drinks(Beer Included) and Barbecue.

At Retro Party you could touch and play with some rare computers  from Serbia like Galaksija,  Orao, Pecom, but there was also some computers like TRS-80, Sinclair ZX 80, TRS Commodore Max, Commodore 64 Gaming System, Commodore Serial switch, Sinclair QL, Atari Falcon etc…

There were presentation of new product to test and buy like Vampire, WiiJoy (using wiimote controllers as joystick on any computer) that brought hours of great play and RPI1541 (emulation of 1541 in RPI) , ZX Omni  and appropriate stickers and key-chains.

Enjoy in Gallery…

And video, note you may want to turn volume a little bit down 🙂

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