New Commodore 128 Community Edition PCB by Jorgen Olsson

New Commodore 128 CE (Community Edition) PCB was reverse engineered by Jorgen Olsson and published on github and is work in progress.

Current status of preoject is Jorgen is working on the PCB in DipTrace, using the CorelDRAW images as guide to lay traces, components, vias, board outline and cutouts. As soon he finish net lists and all traces laid in both signal layers he will add the project files in the repository.

In the CorelDRAW images, there may be some mistakes ie missing traces, so check github for new commits and new images.

source:Commodore 128 Community Edition PCB on github
site:c128 neo blog

One thought on “New Commodore 128 Community Edition PCB by Jorgen Olsson”

  1. I have 3 different products which are the perfect companions for this project.
    – TOLB is a clock generator which replaces the 8701 and provides the exact required frequency signals so you don’t have to tune the variable capacitor with a frequency counter and no problems with color.
    – Saruman-64 can replace the pair of 4464 DRAM ICs for the VDC so you have 64k for the 8563
    – Saruman-128 is a single module which replaces all 16 4164 DRAM ICs and consumes only a small fraction of the power of the original ICs.

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