Last from Commodore MOS IC Fab building

On Saturday December 2nd 2017 Doug Crawford made few shots from visit to the GMT (Formerly Commodore MOS) IC Fab building, 950 Rittenhouse Rd, Norristown, PA . This is where the 6502 processor and the Commodore custom ICs for the VIC, C64 and other systems were designed.

The contractor, Justin, contacted Doug and invited him to see if he could identify any treasures as he was clearing out the place. Bill Herd was also there.

Some rumors claims  that apparently someone scrapped half a dozen C64DXs (AKA C65) and is selling them on ebay.

We do not know if rumors are true but we know that C65 recently sold on ebay (8th November 2017) for  81.450 EUR and soon followed another C65 sold for 24.050 EUR.

Source with more pictures:MOS Technology Salvage

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