The Academy on Computers television series

The Academy on Computers is a Canadian television series with Jack Livesley and Jim Brain about microcomputers and is the companion to Bits and Bytes; while these two series cover the same topics, The Academy explores the key concepts in greater detail. It was produced by TV Ontario in 1983, stars Jack Livesley and Jim Butterfield, and includes interviews and panel discussions with many more people.

This episode looks more closely at the key hardware elements of a computer, and introduces many of the popular home computers of 1983. It also includes a panel discussion involving a primary and a secondary school teachers, an at-home/small business user, an office automation consultant and a lawyer on what computers mean to them, and how they’ve have been changing their lives; and a segment where viewer’s questions are answered.

The series consisted of 12 episodes and featured many of the classic 80s microcomputers including the Apple ][, Commodore PET, VIC 20 and 64, Atari 800, TRS-80, TI 99 and the IBM PC. The subjects were:

Program 1: Getting Started
Program 2: Ready-Made Programs
Program 3: How Programs Work?
Program 4: File & Data Management
Program 5: Communication Between Computers
Program 6: Computer Languages
Program 7: Computer-Assisted Instruction
Program 8: Games & Simulations
Program 9: Computer Graphics
Program 10: Computer Music
Program 11: Computers at Work
Program 12: What Next?

Note: Due age video is not perfect.
Enjoy 12 episodes:

source:Bits and Bytes TVO

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